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Actinium Basic Information

Atomic Number - 89
Atomic Symbol - Ac
Atomic Mass - 227.0 amu
When Discovered - 1899
Who Discovered - Andre Debierne
Where It Can Be Found - France

Description and Uses

Physical Description - Silvery radioactive metallic element that
glows in the dark due to its intense radioactivity.
How It Is Used - Actinium can be used as a valuable neutron
source, as well as a Bi-213 for radio-immunotherapy and other
cancer treatments
Isotopes And Their Uses - There are 4 main known isotopes,
but the isotopes are too unstable to be used for anything

Additional Information

Melting Point - 1324 K (1051°C or 1924°F)
Boiling Point - 3471 K (3198°C or 5788°F)
Density - 10.07 grams per cubic centimeter
Phase at Room Temperature - Solid
Element Classification - Metal

Dylan Ponticel & Taylor Ray